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Jo-Ann Wendling
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Would love to get in touch with my former classmates, but I don't see many of us listed. If anyone from 1968-1972 is out there, please reply!!
Theresa Evanosky
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Hi, Jo-Ann. I'm writing in from Sunny Florida where I now live. I was in New York recently on vacation and drove over the Triborough Bridge. The sight of Mater Christi in the distance brought back a lot of memories and the urge to reconnect. It looks like the guys have been better at keeping in touch than any of the girls. This website is terrific, and it was great to see some of my friends' pictures at our 30th reunion. Wish I had known about it. It was also sad to see how many of our classmates are no longer with us. We're still so young, with a lot of life yet to live and adventures yet to come. I'd love it if you and others wanted to keep in touch. Terri
michael curran
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My sister Marianne, is a 72 graduate. I have been trying to get her to get on to this site. I will keep pushing her. There aren't that many '74 grad's either. Good Luck in hooking up with your classmates/
Karen Pappas H'Rider
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So, it is Michael Curran from Crescent Street!!!

michael curran
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Yes, the same Mike Curran from Crescent Street.
Karen Grippo
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HI! Well not sure any one remembers me, but I am here!
Love this site! So nice to read all the posts and remember the fun carefree years!

Katherine (Vermeulen) Eat
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Howdy class of 1972. I am writing from sunny and cool Raleigh, NC where I am a public school teacher. I love it down here. I love the Mater Christi site and visit often. Anyone know where Ronnie Ossi is?

Katherine in Raleigh
Karen Pappas H'Rider '75
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Hello Katherine!

I've wondered what happened to the musical Ossi sisters, too...

Anybody have a clue?

tony carullo
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hi karen... i remember the musical ossi sisters from the immaculate conception folk mass group where you were pretty musical yourself. still playing your guitar? i do know the ossi sisters moved out to long island, but i lost track of them quite a while ago. ronnie did sign on at about a week ago. i hope she finds out that there are people looking for her and they get to visit this great site.
Janet Rubinetti Parslow '
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Hi classmates of '72
I've been looking and reading this website since it first started. Hardly ever see any new classmates from '72. I still keep in touch with quite a few of the girls. Would love to hear from more that I went to grammer school at St. Michael's in Flushing. I live near Poughkeepsie, NY and our daughter Kari just got married on 10/10/03.
PS: I do remember you Karen !!
Cathy Mangino Todd
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Hello Class of 1972,

It is nice to visit this site and see some familiar names and reminisce. I hope that all are doing well. Things are great here in New Jersey - would love to hear from old classmates from MC or St. Joe's in Astoria. Have a great day all!:
Jo-Ann Wendling
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I am so happy that people are starting to respond! We still need to hear from more people. Spread the word must know at least 1 other person that we went to MC with!
Jo-Ann Wendling
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Just thought to mention that I am in touch with Kathy Boylan, Cathy Bradley and Anita Saracini, so if you are looking for any of these ladies, let me know!
Christine Ashley
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My sister, Suzanne Duryea was a 72 grad ( I graduated in '70) she is not registered on the Mater Christi site but I do know she is in touch with some fellow grads from
Alumni Member
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Christine, tell your sister she's welcome to sign on in here and join us!
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