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Janet Rubinetti Parslow '
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Hi Christine
I'm one of the girls that got together with your sister and two other girls from our graduating class, i.e. Rosanne Giuffo and Kathy Lapolla in July. It was just fantastic seeing everyone again afer 31 years. I highly recommend it.
PS: Your sister looks fantastic and your niece Gina is adorable !!!
J. Gabriel Lopez
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Dear Friends,

My apolgies for intruding into the MC site.

I did not a graduate from Mater Christi but I did attend MC for one year in 1968-69 (with the class of 1972) before my family moved out of the area.

On a recent trip to New York City, I visited MC (now St. John`s prep), my grammar school and the old neighborhood for the first time in 35 years and the great memories of a pleasant youth flowed back.

I am trying to locate a friend whom I liked very much for a very short period of time in the spring-summer of 1969.

Her name - Joann Agius (hope I have the spelling corect). She would have graduated with the class of 1972.

I would just like to know that she is well and has enjoyed life.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,

J. Gabriel Lopez
Pat Maciej Sito
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Every few weeks I check to see if there any new names registered. Joann, I received your email, you have a great memory. I wrote back but I don't think you received it because I didn't get a reply. It's great to have this section for the class of '72.
Jo-Ann Wendling
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I was so happy to hear from you. I thought I had the wrong person, but I guess not. Here is my email address - I'd love to hear from you.

Lorraine Maloeny Curry 72
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So, class of '72, you really are out there . As I get older I seem to miss our MC days more and more. I know I didn't appreciate them at the time. I hope more of us turn up !
eileen o'connor
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Hi Jo-ann and all the other members of the class of 1972. great to see so many listings. Anyone remember Maggie Delatour? I saw her over Christmas. Hope life has treated you well.

Eileen O'Connor
Janet Rubinetti Parslow '
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Hi Eileen
I remember Maggie and I also remember you !! Saw all your pictures on this site from the reunion. Sorry I couldn't make it. Looked like everyone had a terrific time. Take care and be well.
Katherine (Vermeulen) Eat
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Hi Eileen! I remember most of y'all and Maggie Delatour. Anybody in touch with Ronnie Ossi? I saw her at the 92 reunion but lost her address.


Katherine in Raleigh
MC '72
Isabel Garcia Doren
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Hello Jo-Ann and everyone out there from that terrific class of 1968 to 1972!! I am here and I have been trying to stay the same throughout all these years (just like all my MC friends recommended in their yearbook "sign-offs" to me). Although I am married with kids for 20 years this year, I am still here and still crazy too!! My best regards to you all! Isabel Garcia Doren Class of 1972
Russell Doucette '73
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Did you find Virginia DelBusto yet?
Jo-Ann Wendling
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It's so nice to see that more people have signed on. Isabel Garcia, I was so happy to see your name're right, you were crazy and I'm glad to hear that some things never change. I'm seeing more and more names and it really does bring back some memories. Karen Grippo, I do remember you, I think we may have been in freshman homeroom together.

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Hi Class of 72',
I am not a graduate of MC but I am searching for someone who is and any help would be so appreciated. His name is Michael Tosicki (sp?). If anyone knows how to contact him or any information would be so helpful. Please email me at
Web Guy (Tony C '69)
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That would be Tocicki. He has an address published in the Alumni directory but how do I know he wants to be contacted?
Ken ' 68
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Normally, if people don't want to be contacted they don't list their address, or phone #, or email. If any of them are listed, I would say it is OK to contact them by means of what is listed.

For example, some people allow themselves to be contacted by email through this message board by having their email address being linkable; others, such as myself, do not.
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Thank you, I appreciate the assitance and I was able to locate his address in PA. I had the incorrect spelling of his last name.
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