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Katherine Eatmon (72)
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I went to but did not find ronnie ossi on it. I know she was married but forgot her new name. Anyone have her email?

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Tony Carullo, now I remember you! So whatcha been doing the past, oh, 32 years?


I have to say I was one of the quieter ones in the Class of '72. I was on another site for my old neighborhood and had to say the same thing. Around girls, it was a scene from Cheers - and unfortunately I was more Cliff or Norm than Sam or anyone else! But that's ok; it's still fun to see so many Gators on this site.


I don't know if anyone out there knows John Perry and Ed O'Donnell - both '72. Fun to be around.


And does anyone remember Vietnam Moratorium Day? I think we (at least the Boys "side" - not sure the good sisters were in for this stuff) were the only Catholic HS that had a full-out day looking at Vietnam. And I remember trying to explain all of this to my parents. For them, it was "the President knows more than we do." For those two Depression-era and WWII era folks, it made no sense. I'm pretty sure they started to regret not sending me to Molloy or McClancy!


Kevin Murphy

Austin, TX





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Originally Posted by J. Gabriel Lopez
Dear Friends,

My apolgies for intruding into the MC site.

I did not a graduate from Mater Christi but I did attend MC for one year in 1968-69 (with the class of 1972) before my family moved out of the area.

On a recent trip to New York City, I visited MC (now St. John`s prep), my grammar school and the old neighborhood for the first time in 35 years and the great memories of a pleasant youth flowed back.

I am trying to locate a friend whom I liked very much for a very short period of time in the spring-summer of 1969.

Her name - Joann Agius (hope I have the spelling corect). She would have graduated with the class of 1972.

I would just like to know that she is well and has enjoyed life.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,

J. Gabriel Lopez

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My name is Joanne Agius Trout and I am living in Marietta, GA with my husband and two beautiful daughters.  I am trying to get in touch with Jose Gabriel Lopez who posted on this website. I knew him when we were both freshman at MC.  Any ideas?

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