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As I'm positive everyone's heard of this tragedy, please keep the soldiers and their families in your thoughts and prayers.  Also, kudos to the Police Sergeant who, though wounded herself, was able to take this nutcase down. 
According to the report I heard, she responded and on arrival fired to get his attention from a soldier he had just shot.  In trading shots, she was hit and went down, but was able to return fire, doing the same to the gunman.  The report goes on to say she is a firearms instructor for the police agency.  While some may ask why she didn't shoot to kill, there are reasons not to.  First, law enforcement training is to shoot to disable, so as to end the incident.  Her strikes did just that.  Secondly, as many of us have heard over and over, his actions may have been intentionally performed in an attempt to become a martyr and go to his reward as such.  By not killing him, his objection was not met and he is a failure.  Thus, he can go to hell where he belongs. 
Whether her intentions were in not making killing shots, or simply trying to take him out in any way possible, she is a hero and deserves any and all recognition she gets for it.  The doctor interviewed said her only concern on coming to after surgery, was for others.   May she, by the grace of God, receive a full recovery. 

Bob Johnston
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...a tragedy for all involved. 

Andrea DeBergalis 67
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