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You elect a conservative President, one should expect
conservative nominations to the Federal Court system;
to think otherwise is foolish.  After LBJ, most Supreme
Court nominations have been conservatives, due to
the election or appointment of Nixon, Ford, Reagan,
Bush41 and Bush43.  Only Clinton placed liberals on
the Court, since Carter didn't have any vacanies to
fill.  My point is that our system of checks and balances
does not merely extend to the three Branches of Government, but also to the Democratic and Republican
parties, which, through election, check and balance each
other's programs, definitions of freedom, etc. 
The courts never ended slavery and, in fact, through
the horrible Dred Scott Decision ensured the continuation
of slavery, and probably the Civil War.  It was Congress
under the control of the Radical Republicans that ended
slavery by amending the consitution.  The courts did
end segregation in schools, 60 years after sustaining it on public accomodations, but JFK & LBJ ended it in colleges, trains, hotels, and lunch counters, with the support of the then liberal & moderate wings of the Republican Party, against the wishes of Southern Democrats.  It is all a system of checks and balances, and change often, unfortunately, takes time.


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I can't disagree with you here....though I would go on to say that the path the USA has taken from it's remarkable invention has been a jerky path with the long term trend inexorably towards more universal justice and freedom. There are always pull backs, and the current times represent such. Clearly, no party or ideology has a wrap on good ideas. I do agree most whole heartedly that the opposite sides work to check the others excesses.


PS Amistad is still a very good movie worth watching...not too many around offended by its anti-slavery stance. I think even Kerins would probably agree on that one.

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