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I may be mistaken here, but isn't Freedom of Religion one of the rights granted under the First Amendment?  If so, wouldn't it also be proper to grant one the freedom to not have a religion?
 While on this subject, with the commercialization of Christmas, wouldn't it be feasible to make "retail" a religion unto itself?  The Festivus Pole would stand as the symbol of "retailality".  Folks could attend rallies of "retailization" and pay tribute to the newly ordained saints of Macy and Bloomingdale, Abraham and Strauss, or even L.L.Bean.  They could hold baptisims on Coldwater Creek.
Christmas is the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ.  Yet the festivities surrounding this glorious time have been passed down through rituals celebrated by many cultures that weren't Christian.  It's been mentioned here that the Yule Log and decorating a tree, derives from Pagan rites.  These were adopted to aid in the Christmas celebration, but not upheld as customs in their own right.  Can't we all, just for once, unite in the spirit of this season and not debate the proper way to enjoy it?  Please?  After all, didn't opposing armies ( British and Germen ) put aside their differences and join in singing "Silent Night" during WWI?  Yes, they did, why can't we.
Let us all enjoy the peace and joy this season stands for and revel in the spirit of goodwill to our fellow man. Amen!

Bob Johnston
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Back to the original photo and the confusion over the term "Operations Warriors".

It's a Festivus Miracle as I received an e-mail from a fellow alum with the following clarification:

I see there is some confusion with regard to "Operations Warriors", so do allow me to clarify this over thought appellation. There is/are no "typos" or bad grammar for which to make allowances, nor any cryptic meanings to decipher. It is quite what it is and rather plain: These warriors are fighting their own heroic battle against an enemy, alternately referred to as pain, injury and death, in a theatre of engagement referred to as an operating room; wherein these "operations" are performed. Tony, these are medical personnel at a forward deployment, field surgery or, as often generically misidentified in the archaic, a "M.A.S.H. unit" [sic].  Therefore, they are "[the] operations warriors". (If it matters, and I think we agree it doesn't, or is of further interest, those pictured are USAF officers, mostly medical doctors and flight nurses, as indeed it is their "base".)


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wouldn't it be feasible to make "retail" a religion unto itself?

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Terrence P. Tuffy

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Great pic!

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