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Tony '71
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Here are some other NYC kid show favorites, Can you name them?






You can see a great web site featuring every NYC kids show at

Way too many to list here and a lot of fond memories.
Bill Synnott (73)
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1, Office joe bolton - 3 stooges channel 11

2. Not sure But my guess is Sunny Fox Channel 5

3. Can't rememebr the human but hand puppet was clowny - horror pictures saturday on channel 9 He was the ring master

4. Chcuk McCann Channel 5

5. Sorry not sure, could it be Soupy Sales?
Ralph Papaccioli '66
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1) Officer Joe Bolton...the Three Stooges
2) Sonny Fox...Wonderama
3) Claude Kirshner...Terry Toon Circus
4) Chuck Mc Cann...Not sure but could have been a later host of Wonderama
5) Sandy Becker as Hambone.
Janet Rubinetti Parslow
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Excellent Ralph, very very good. You got them all. I remembered all of them too. I even met Sonny Fox back in the 60's at a supermarket, he was signing autographs for all the children. My mom took me there and I got to shake hands with him. Very nice man. Thanks for all the memories folks.............Janet
Jim Cassidy '66
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Picture #2 is Sonny Fox but not Wonderama. Before that show, he appeared on Channel 2 in a show called "Let's Take a Trip". Mr. Fox would escourt a boy and girl to various places where they would find out various things. That picture is in front of the SS United States which held the record for the Atlantic Ocean by a passenger liner. Perhaps Mr. Fox and company were ready to take a sea cruise.

The pictures of Chuck McCann show dressed as characters which appeared in "funny pages of the NY Daily News. I believe they are Orphan Annie" "Dick Teracy" "Dondi" and "Smilin' Jack". During one of those newspaper strikes Chuck would the Daily News comics on his TV show. Channel 11 was owned by the Daily News in those days.

Jim Cassidy '66
Mary Kerins Hannigan
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Chuck McCann was one of my favorites. Later, he was in the movie The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. He was wonderful in that too. But . . . where is Zacherly? My kids don't believe me when I try to describe Zacherly to them.


Web Guy
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Originally Posted by Mary Kerins Hannigan
. . . where is Zacherly?

Here he is:

Zacherly's Site

viola "67
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Don't mess with my cuz - way to go Ralph!!!!!
Tony '71
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Here's some more:




Russell Doucette '73
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6) Captain Jack McCarthy. Did Popeye cartoons and the Saint Patrick's Day parade. For the longest time I thought he lived in the next apartment building from me in Jackson Heights

7) The Merry Mailman. Joey Heatherton's Father. Didn't Joey have a brother?

8) Miss Louise. One of the stars of Romper Room. I was always disappointed at the end of the show when she didn't know when was my birthday.

9) Soupy Sales (A no-brainer!)

10) The name Paul Tripp comes to mind. I don't remember the name of the show.
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A Trivia Question

Officer Joe Bolton of "The Three Stooges" once received
a "promotion." What was this career move? Where did he go?
And how did this affect "The Three Stooges?"

Jim "Sammy" Davis,67
Ken '68
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I vaguely recall that Officer Bolton was promoted to Sgt. or Capt. & think that was how they ended the show & it went off the air. For years I had his autograph, my father took me to meet him (I don't remember where). I may still have his autograph somewhere (as the WebGuy knows I have thees from the "old days" squirreled away everywhere).
Ken '68
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thees should read things.

Give me a break! It's 1:03 in the morning!!!
RJ Granville '70
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Officer Joe Bolton received a "promotion."

I'm certain that Officer Joe was kicked upstairs to Chief; less, but almost so, that he then hosted Dick Tracy cartoons.

As I recall, WPIX had license to run the Stooges archive, and either the contract lapsed or they responded to criticism mentioned below. I don't recall them turning up again on broadcast - though they have appeared on several cable channels. My recollection is that the slapstick assaults and batteries came under fire from quality children's TV advocates, specifically behavior like eye-poking and Moe's ingenious hammering of one fist down upon the other to wind around atop Curly's head.

Curly's Maharajah routine (Maha? Ahaaa...) forever a classic.
Russell Doucette '73
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Officer Joe also hosted the Dick Tracy cartoons. IIRC they were taken off TV because they were stereotyping ethnic groups.

A few years ago on ABC-TV there was a movie about the 3 Stooges. It gave a look at what went on behind the scenes in the movies. The skits done were surprising good. Not as good as the originals. But I liked them. I liked the picture of the 4 Stooges that was in TV Guide.

I think the shorts might still be seen on AMC hosted by Leslie Neilson. I watched it one day and I was able to see the entire skit about Niagara Falls (Slowly I turn, Step by Step....)

Abbott and Costello would start the skit on their show. But never the whole thing.

Not meaning to change the subject, what other people hosted the other cartoons? I remember a Fireman Todd Russell. What cartoons did he (if he did) show? There were also people who hosted cartoons on Channel 5. Who were they and what cartoons did they show?
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