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Dear Jack Cassidy

The name of the first sea

captain host/performer of

WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC's:"Popeye

Show".. is spelt "Capt.Allen"Swift

not "Capt.Allan"Swift.

Past TV.



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Dear Bob Johnston,

Mr.Robert Blake's..Mickey

Gubatosi didn't play Spanky

McFarland's little brother in

MGM "Our Gang"movie comedies.

Mr.Blake's Mickey was just a

member of the gang.

The kid..who played Spanky's

Little brother in his first "Our Gang"/

"Little Rascals"film comedy at Hal Roach

(Not at MGM) titled"Little Sinner"was

Eugene ("Porky")Lee..


Spanky and Mr.Eugene(Porky")Lee

have both passed away.

Past TV.



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Dear Ralph,

Mr.Claude Kirchner's last

name doesn't have an S

in it(The ch in his last name

is pronounced like an S).

And the title of his first NYC

based kids tv cartoon show is

spelt"Terry Tunes Circus".

He also hosted"MerryToones

Circus","The Scrub Clubs" and

Super Adventure Theater"..all of

these shows were seen on WOR TV

Ch.9 in NYC Weekday evenings,

afternoons and mornings and on

Saturday and Sunday mornings

from 1956 to 1968.

Mr.Kirchner was also the ringmaster/

host/announcer of ABC TV's "Super Circus"

Sunday evenings from January,1949 to December,

1955, NBC TV'S"Marx Magic Midway!"Saturday

mornings from September 22,1962 to March,

1963 and"The Bozo Show" on WOR TV Ch.9

in NYC weekday mornings from Monday Feburary 3,

1969 to 1970(The show moved to a weekday

afternoon timeslot and it was retitled"Circus/

Circus/Circus!"..But Mr.Kirchner left the show

by that time..Actor/Singer Gordon Ramsey

appeared on the show as NYC's second

and Last "Bozo The Clown")

Past TV.



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Dear Russ,

Ms.Heatherton does have a

brother..who is also a former

performer and radio/tv broadcaster/

producer and director..Mr.Dick Heatherton.

Past TV.



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Dear Jim Cassidy,


Sonny Fox and the two kids

Ms.Joan Terrance and Mr.Jimmy

Walsh were touring the ship for

their show..prior to the ship

leaving port.

These two kids were the second

young traveling companions of

Mr.Fox' on CBS TV's"Let's Take A

Trip"..the first young traveling com-

panions were:Ms.Ginger MacManus

and Mr.Brian("Pud")Flannagan.

By 1957..Ms.MacManus had out-

grown her role on the show and

both she and Mr.Flannagan were

replaced by Ms.Terrance and Mr.Walsh.

Ms.MacManus did host one more

kids tv show?

From Monday evening September 15,

1958 to Friday January 7,1959..she served

as the first mc of WOR TV Ch.9 NYC's

"Looney Tunes Show!".

The other hosts/performers of

Ch.9's "Looney Tunes Show"were

Mr.Paul Tripp,Mr.Herb Sheldon and

Mr.Chubby Jackson(Mr.Jackson also

hosted "The Little Rascals Shows"on

WBKB Ch.7 in Chicago,Ill. and on

WABC TV Ch.7 in NYC..Mr.Sheldon

had also mc'd the very first "Looney

Tunes Show"on WABD TV Ch.5 in

NYC after Mr.Bob Bean and Mr.Sandy

Becker left the show).

Past TV.



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Dear Russ,


aired The Warner Brothers

"Merrie Melodies" and "Looney

Tunes"movie cartoons,The Paramount/

Fleischer"Betty Boop","Gabby" and

"Color Classic"Movie cartoons and

The "Terrytunes"movie cartoons

on a daily kids tv show titled"Cartoon


The series was seen weekday afternoons

around peanut butter and jellytime.

And it was mc'd by "Uncle Fred"Scott,

"Uncle Tom"Gregory,"Uncle Ed"Ladd and

Fred Hall.

"Cartoon Playtime"was on WNEW TV

Ch.5 in NYC from 1958 t0 1965.

Scott also mc'd"Felix The Cat &

Friends!"(Later on when Ch.5 acquired

the tv rights to "The Diver Dan"Puppets

films and added them to the show's format

..the show was retitled:"Felix & Diver Dan"),"Cartoon

Circus","Cartoon A Go Go!","The Deputy Dawg

Show","The Big World Of Little Adam"and he

was also the second and last host of"Just For

Fun!"(WNEW TV's Saturday morning kids tv

game show).

Ladd also mc'd"The Heckle & Jeckle Show"

on Ch.5.

Gregory hosted "Cartoon Theater"saturday

mornings on Ch.5.

Ed McCurdy hosted "The Betty Boop",

"Looney Tunes" and Paramount/Fleischer,

Paramount/Famous:"Superman"movie cartoons

as"Freddie The Fireman" on"The Freddie The

Fireman Show" on WABD TV Ch.5 In NYC

in 1956.

Fred Hall also hosted "The Felix The Cat"

TV Cartoons along with "The Tales Of The

Wizard Of Oz"TV Cartoons,"Rod Rocket"TV

Cartoons,"Deputy Dawg"TV Cartoons and

"Adventures Of A Jungle Boy"TV Shows on

"Felix & The Wizard"/"Hall In Fun!".


Messers:Ladd,McCurdy and Gregory

are no longer with us.

Mr.Scott is still with us..I don't

know what has happened to Mr.



Thanks For Remembering


most popular kids tv hosts,

Past TV.



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Since everyone at this message

page is recalling their favorite

NYC based kids tv shows?

I'd like to ask the users

of this message page..

if they recall watching the

kids tv specials that aired

on local stations like WABD/


Ch.11 in the NYC viewing


Back in the 1950's and



aired kids tv specials

around the holidays like

"The Wonderama Thanksgiving

Day Party","The Wonderama Christmas

Cartoon Parties","Sandy Becker Presents

A Christmas Carol","The Sandy Becker

/Chuck McCann Thanksgiving Day Special".

WPIX TV Ch.11 Aired"A Children's Halloween

Party","A Children's Halloween Party At Freedomland!"

(Both shows were hosted by Chuck McCann),"The

Thanksgiving Day Jamborees"(Mc'd by "Officer"/

"Police Chief Joe"Bolton,"Capt.Jack"McCarthy and

Ms.Carol Corbett)and"The WPIX TV Christmas

Parties"(Where many of Ch.11's resident kids

tv host"Capt.'s"Allen Swift and Jack McCarthy,

"Officer"/"Police Chief Joe"Bolton,"Bozo The Clown"

(Bill Britten),"Fireman Todd"Russell,"The Merry

Mailman"(Ray Heatherton),Chuck McCann and

Paul Ashley's Laurel & Hardy Puppets,"The Cool

Ghoul"John Zacherley and "The Old Philosopher":

Eddie Lawrence would entertain and inform their

viewers inbetween the reruns of old movie and

tv cartoons,movie comedies,tv shows).

Ch.'s 5 & 11 would also air other

special shows that were also fun,

imaginative and creative.

I miss those kids tv specials and

the people..who made them a broadcast

really worth remembering.

If any of the users of this website

have any memories of seeeing these

kids tv specials on WABD/WNEW TV

Ch.5 and/or WPIX TV Ch.11 in NYC?

Please share those memories with

all of us here at this site?

Past TV.



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Dear Tony,

Mr.Tripp not only performed

in"The Christmas That Almost


He was also the movie's collaborating

director,scriptwriter and songwriter.

Mr.Ray Carter..who worked on alot

of Mr.Tripp's songs for his kids tv

shows helped to write and arrange

the songs and music for this film

and Mr.Rossano Brazzi was Mr.Tripp's

collaborating director.

Mrs.Ruth Tripp and Mrs.Lydia Brazzi

also appeared in the movie and so did

Mr.Sonny Fox(He played the

owner"Mr.Prim") and Mr.Mischa Aurer

made his last film appearance in

"The Christmas That Almost Wasn't!".

Mr.Aurer played"Jonathan"..Santa's

head bookeeper,accountant and super-

visor of the toy making workshop.

Thanks For Remembering

"The Christmas That Almost Wasn't"

Past TV.

P.S."The Christmas That Almost

Wasn't'was first performed on an

installment of CBS TV's"On The Carousel".


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