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Ken '68
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How many of these people are the Original/Classic Little Rascals?

Define what you mean by Original/Classic.

The ones who appeared in the first short?

The ones who appeared in the first movie?

The ones who first played a specific part?

If you ask a question, you must be specific & clear.
Bob Johnston
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Robert Blake is the one I knew of that's still alive. I think he played the little brother of Spanky, but didn't know for sure and was wondering if anyone knew.
Russell, please don't group me with the moronic poster who made that quote (OOH, a wise guy eh? nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!). Like Tony said, we always identify ourselves for better or for worse. I mean, at least the Stooges were in movies and on TV, The Shadow was only a radio show. Hey Moe, hey Larry, that give us a two to one edge!
Jim Cassidy ' 66
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I did a "google" search with the term "Little Rascals" It led me to ring web site which contained a brief biography of a lot of the characters who appeared in the movies. Sad to say, Darla passed away. Jackie Cooper, Robert Blake and Dickie Moore are still with us.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone!

Jim Cassidy
Tony '71
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Before they were The Bowery Boys, they were The Dead End Kids.

Can you name 'em?

Bonus points for knowing the guy on the stairs and who played the Rocky noted in the headline.
Sister Mary Estrogen
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Pat O'Brien, sterotyped as the kind, wise, Irish parish priest, is on the stairs, James Cagney played Rocky. We also remember that Ronnie Rayguns was in this movie, before he played second banana to Bonzo the Chimp in "Bonzo Goes to Hollywood" (Bonzo also went to college where he better than a "C" average student, unlike, well you know...). The title, "Angels With Dirty Faces"
Russell Doucette '73
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Bob, I didn't make up the quote, NoMoreBob made it. All I was asking that he spell my name correctly.
Sister Mary Estrogen
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To correct the original post, methinks the movie that Reagen was in with Leo, Huntz, et al, aka the Dead End Kids, was "The Dead End Kids". Sorry also for the grammar mistake, wasn't paying attention.
Russell Doucette '73
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Originally Posted by Sister Mary Estrogen
.... Sorry also for the grammar mistake, wasn't paying attention.

I didn't notice. Did anyone?
Lady Bird Johnson
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Doing this by heart, no internet cheating! Wasn't the movie "Dead End", and the cast associated with it thereafter to be referred to as the Dead End "Kids", only later on to become Bowery "Boys"? Guess men will be boys and a trip to the Bowery was necessitated after their dead end neighborhood became Sutton Place. Ironically enough, one of these "boys" would become one of the richest men in America as a result of these associations -- and he didn't even make the first cut when they cast this film.

Extra credit to anyone who can name the '70s sitcom staring one of these "kids" and the by then "rich kid" who made a cameo.

Full scholarship to Sunday dinner with the '71 grad of your choosing if you can guess how money bags got so wealthy.
Dennis O'Connor
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Angels with Dirty faces also starred Humphrey Bogart and Cagney would say things like " What do you hear, what do you say" and the famous line to Bogart " You may be a smart lawyer, real smart, but don't get smart with me ".
Movie isn't out on DVD yet but hopefully soon.
Tony '71
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The image above is indeed from Angels With Dirty Faces and followed Dead End -- the film that gave them their name.

Dead End was a Broadway play that then became the movie of the same name. The kids were in the play, were cast in the movie and proved to be so popular that they were then featured in several more films eventually evolving into The Bowery Boys.

I'm intrigued by Lady Bird's question. I do remember seeing Gabe Dell and Huntz Hall in some sitcoms but can't remember which. I await the answer.

Janet Rubinetti Parslow
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Weren't one of the Bowery Boys on Archie's Place, a take off on the sitcom All In the Family ?? I think one of them played one of the regular customers ??? He was the older man with thick glasses. I just can't recall his name !!
Janet Rubinetti Parslow
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Found it.............Billy Halop had a recuring role as Muntz the cab driver on the TV series All In The Family.
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Hi Gang!!

I just got back in town after a July 4th weekend in the
Berkshires, so here's the answer to Officer Joe Bolton's

He became "Chief" on the new "Dick Tracy Show". The Three
Stooges were then hosted by Fireman Todd Russell!!!

Now, who hosted the "Popeye" show before Capt. Jack McCarthy?

Best to all,

Jim "Sammy" Davis,67
Lady Bird Johnson
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The sitcom, featuring one of prime time television's first openly gay characters, was the short lived "The Corner Bar". I believe Gabriel Dell was the proprietor and star of the series. It would come as no surprise then that his former comedic partner from their days as a duo in the '50 club circuit would do the cameo on this early '70s show. Interestingly, that other "kid" made his TV debut in 1932. Yes: "Nineteen Thirty-two"!!! No mistake, it was part of an experimental broadcast. In later years, this pot head went sniffing for good investments, and indeed did quite well in oil and gas. VERY WELL, in fact. Well enough to come to my parties, in Texas, anyway. There are other stories that some of his fortune was made prospecting for uranium, and I suppose with all that club work back in the day he may well have wandered into the desert from time to time, as it seemed everyone was doing it in those days. Wasn't that also the plot to one of the Bowery Boy shorts?

Dear me, I nearly forgot to give his name! Henry Richard Hall.
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