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A few long lost teachers are being sought for our casual reunion for 1967-70 grads on Dec 15th.  Who would know where Mr. Tom Tolan may be......and, Brother Andrew Cordell?

Landy Eng


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Thanks to everyone....

We've tracked down the following missing brothers, teaches and alumni thus far:

Andrew Cordell in Fort Worth, Texas Tony Casamento...

Tom Tolan at Plaza

Joe Bassi teaching college in

Jack Donovan in Brooklyn



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Hi Everyone,

A few more updates:

• We’re up to 25 confirmed attendees (see list below) and we have about 5 “maybes”

• Paul Brun Del Re has confirmed his flight from Michigan for the Reunion. He’ll drive back with his brother, Ray, to turn this into a nice family White Christmas in Michigan (good idea, Paul!)

• Paul has asked the whereabouts of Carl Butler who I know became a lawyer (we shouldn’t hold this against him!) and practicing in the New York area perhaps for a non-profit (should we put Carl up for Mayor on a “gas for everyone” platform?) Gerry was the last person to have seen Carl…..

• Gary has received confirmations from Susan Conners ‘70 and Gerry Losquadro ’70. They are rehearsing together for the launch of their new band (shall we name them the “Gators” or “Boomers?&rdquo

• We’ve located Gene Rizzardi ’70 who lives in the LA area and works in one of my hobby industries - film/TV. Gene worked on the Titanic film.

• My partner, John Molinari ’69 (he has his Mater Christi 114 homeroom in his email address!) would like to meet a few more ’69 grads to join the Reunion (can we all get the word out for him? what do you say, Brian O’Dowd?)

• Bill Massano has informed Larry Kelty about the reunion. Based on Larry’s email address he’s with the all –important Veterans Administration which today happens to celebrate our veterans (I didn’t know Tony Casamento was in the armed forces after school!)

• Given that our attendance is approaching 30 pax, we’re now examining the adequacy of Bourbon Street and evaluating 2 venue recommendations we’ve received

Mater Christi Informal Reunion
Dec 15, 5-730pm (5 weeks to go)
Tentative Location: Bourbon Street, Bell Boulevard, Bayside (N.B. If anyone has an “uncle” or friend in the bar business in Queens or a house big enough in Queens, just let us know!)
Mark Codd '67
Jan Mitchell ‘67
Marcel Philippe '69
Bill Lavelle
Robert Sorensen '70
Peter Berrios '70
Jim Desposito '70
Ray Brun Del Re '69
John Donodeo '70
Ed Gonera '70
Gerry O'Hagen '70
Gary Raehse '70
Kevin Anderson '70
Eileen Doherty '70
Pinky Arteca
Susan Galotifiore
Susan Connors
Bob Schuler '70
Blair Quinn '70
(Bro) Jimmy Dries '70
Bill Massano ‘70
Ray Cassidy ‘70
Gerry Losquadro ‘70
Bro Joe Patric Reilly......has been helping us get the word out to more teachers/brothers
We've located Mr. Tom Tolan, Coach Jack Donovan, Andrew Cordell (Forth Worth, Texas), Henry Higgins and Bro John Buckley and have reached out to Harry Henshaw (in California), Tom Markiewicz (in California), Ed Duvinski (Pennsylvania), John Molinari ’69, Tony Casamento (Fort Worth), Larry Kelty ’70, Joe Bassi (California), John Sanfilippo, Peter Bachfischer (Midwest), Bob Cuozzo (California), Ed Coyle (Texas), (Bro) Dennis Cronin ’70, Lawrence Kelty ‘70 and Paul Bernacki (Pennsylvania.)
We’re hoping they will all join us!


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My email to Tom Donovan, ex-MC geography teacher and track coach, 1964-68:


I'm glad everyone is on this email loop. 

Marcel Philippe is asking that once you have some information on the funeral arrangements for Coach Donovan would you please distribute them to this email list above.

Mark Codd and I are also reminding you that the Reunion invitation is there for you to join us on Dec 15 for a drink with your Dad's Mater Christi geography students (he gave me my 96+ grade!) and track team members.

Tom, you already have my note and condolences, but since I will not be able to be there for the funeral, I would like to add:

- It's not easy to get the best out of teens especially back in the 60's, your dad taught me "don't stop running, don't give up!" This has stay with me in all of my pursuits for 42 years!  I mentioned this influence in several newspaper interviews I gave to the press in San Francisco when I was asked to run for an elected fact, the seat which former-speaker of the House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi now holds.

- Your dad took a scrawny Chinese kid from Queens and made me the best I could be at that age.  He started me out in the 50 yd dash and eventually had me entered in the hurdles, high jump, long jump and 880-mile relays.  He even had me run Van Courtland park and try the pole vault!  The records I held was because of his coaching.  (If Mark and Paul Brun Del Re weren't around I would have been hurdles City Champ.....ha ha...that was a joke!)

I benefited from his coaching and teaching with my admission to New York University on a student-athlete award.  I later went on to coach the Flushing YMCA boys and girls teams during my college works-study days.

- If you look around and count how many others besides me chose to continue running or even coaching, this shows the impact Coach Donovan and the other coaches and trainers had on our lives!  I can name at least a half dozen fellas:  Coach Jan Mitchell, Coach John Donodeo, Coach Bob Schuler etc.........runners O'Hagen, Gonera, Philippe, Codd.....

I leave you with this message and my sincere condolences all the way from Singapore,


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