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I have a wonderful fountain pen that I received as a gift from my husband about ten years ago.  I only use it in the house - especially for personal correspondence.  I love the way it feels; I write differently with it. 

I also have the "Catholic school penmanship" that everyone comments on.  You don't see it much anymore. 

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When I lived in England a few guys in the office had checking or 'chequing' accounts at Coots Bank, where the Queen had her accounts. One fellow was writting a check and said, "Does anyone have a fountain pen? One never writes a Coots' cheque with a biro!" Not too pompous.

Also, my oldest son was put in, I think, the fourth grade when we came back. So his class in the States had already learn cursive writing, or as they calle it in England, joinned up writing. In England though that wasn't taught until the fourth grade, first they were taught printing. He hadn't yet learned cursive in England, and it was too late to learn it in the States. So he never learned to write as we know it. He prints as fast as others writes, and clearly too.


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Originally Posted by BP68
My pet peeve is the placement of the "Caps Lock" key.  ..

LOL.  Thanks, Bob.  Glad to hear it's not just me.

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