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Originally Posted by GuestBookLady

The most difficult part of being GBL is removing an alumnus from the Guest Book and I am sure for webguy adding the name to the Passings section.

So true.  Like some others I had been in contact with Rosemary for a while when she was active on the site.  I enjoyed her emails.  It's very sad. There are some photos of her in the '68 Emerald 2000 section of this site.

"Everything in moderation, including moderation"
Tony Casamento '69

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I don't envy this part of your job.  I, too, enjoyed Rosemary's contributions to the site and felt so happy that she had found someone new in her life and remarried.  May her beautiful memory be continued and shared on this site and may her family and our MC family be consoled in having known her, even only on the web, and may she and her family be at peace.


We must remember her in our prayers--so sad to see such a young loss and that of another of the ever smaller group of Gators.


Eileen D. '70


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Thanks to Tony (web guy), et al, and the website, Rosemary and I emailed back and forth a bit a few years ago.  She reminded me that I sat in front of her Sophomore, Junior and Senior year at MC (guess those nuns liked to keep us in alphabetical order)!  My memories of her are of a young girl who was upbeat and a lot of fun.  Her "then and now" pictures didn't show a lot of change over the years.  I'm so sorry to hear about her illness and death.  My sincere sympathy to her daughters and her husband.


Mary Ann Middleton '68


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Rosie was a good friend of our family. She was in my sister Ginny's wedding party.  We had a common birthday and always celebrated together. We saw her on Thanksgiving of 2000 just before she married Francis.  I knew she had a few bouts with perontinitis but she never mentioned cancer.  Last emailed her at Christmas and meant to write again but didn't. I know she was happy in her second marriage.  It's so sad for her Mom who now has buried both her children.  She will always be in my prayers and heart.


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I just came back to this site after being ill and am shocked to find the news about Rosemary.  We were back in touch awhile and had many laughs about our escapades in and out of school.  She remembered so many things we did.  Rosemary was a lovely person.  I always looked up to her she always did everything right.  Not a mean bone in her body.  We lost touch.  I thought she would always be there.  I always thought 'TOMORROW'  I will get in touch again.  I am sad.  Last time we spoke we laughed so hard at things she remembered we did.  Time passes too quickly and we never know when someone will not be there anymore.  Rosie is in my prayers. My sympathy to her family.   Carol Kerniskey Spain

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