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I believe cost is a big factor keeping parents from enrolling their children in Catholic schools.  I seem to recall my mother saying that the tuition at St. Rita's in Astoria was $3.00 a month.  I started there in 1955 and then went to Our Lady of Fatima in Jackson Hgts in 1960.  My friends in St. Joan of Arc paid no tuition.  Here in Las Vegas the tuition at St. Viator's Grammar School is $5900 a year; preschool thru grade 8.  That's $$$ for one child; nevermind if you have others enrolled there.

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A friend of mine has informed me that Cathedral High School
for boys is still in operation in Elmhurst.



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Hey Sammy,

It's hard times for the Josephites. My daughter' high school, the Academy of St Joseph in Brentwood, NY, the Mother House for the entire order, closed after operating continually since 1856.

Nora was of one of 44 girls who graduated in 2002 and while she hated the old barn while she was there, she now realizes what a special place and time it was. She had Josephites from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The sad part is that most of the older sisters now have to share their nursing home, Maria Regina, with outsiders.
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