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Human life being more valuable? To whom, humans?

Listen Bob, I don't mean to be terse but I have a Cub Scout meeting to get to. But, I'll pass on your concerns to Elsie the cow and Larry the lobster as I sit down to dinner. My dog had Barbaro in gravy last week.

Terrence P. Tuffy

Be steady in your convictions, and be a person of your word.
Book of Sirach 5:10

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Wasn't there an occurance where the survivors of a plane crash ate the dead to survive themselves?  If you'd like to join your dog, horsemeat is available for sale as human food in Connectticut isn't it?

Terse is an understatement for smart remarks, when you don't have answers!  It's alright to admit you don't know yourself.   After all, you're only human.

Bob Johnston
Even being good for nothing, makes you good at something!
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