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New York; Virginia; Pennsylvania.
Tuesday, September 11th, 2001
Thursday, September 11th, 2008
Once Again, the names are being read.

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I will always remember...I will never forget!

Andrea DeBergalis 67

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I happened by Ground Zero around 2pm yesterday and was impressed bt the numbers on Church St. quietly moving toward Fulton - only to be diverted by the NYPD to Broadway away from the site.  I presume it was a traffic pattern - enter below off  Bway and walk North on Church.  By the IRT behind St. Paul's were protesters w/signs that tourists were snapping.  The skirl of bagpipes(PAPD) drew me to the steps of St. Peter's and I found that a Memorial service was in process - Port Authority Remembrance.  I heard a few clergy types, a PA rep, and then Corzine and Bloomburg.  Not sure if Patterson and Pataki spoke later; they were there also.  Both Corzine  and Bloomburg were impressive - Bloomie moreso.  I'm always impressed how 'right on' he is when he speaks at functions.  I had to leave around 2:30.  As I approached the # 4 subway City Hall entrance - a very loud, large group came on to Chambers from Bway chanting something about '9/11' - rhythmically.  NYPD and palinclothes were walking alongside as were a fleet of cycles.  Sounded like a Tompkins Square Park crowd out for disorder.  Not sure what may have happened later.

Just listened here to Evensong from  St. Thomas, 5th Avenue last evening  dedicated also to the many Brits killed that day as well.  You can listen to it here - livestream

Sunday and weekdays are found there as well.

Bro. Joe
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