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A 54 year old Mathmatics teacher decides that he has had it with his marriage and is going to take up with his female students, an 18 year old. He leaves his 54 year old wife the following message. "I'm outta here and if you need to talk to me I will be at the downtown Hilton with my new 18 year old girlfriend".
When he checks into the hotel a few hours later, this note from his wife is waiting for him "Good riddance! I will be at home with my 18 year old boy toy, and you being a math teacher you should know that 18 goes into 54 many more times that 54 goes into 18".

You Can Call It What You Want, I Call It Messin' With The Kid

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Many of you may not know that our ColoradoKid loves to play golf when he's not skiing down the Rockies.

A few years back, he was on his way to play Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic but his small plane hit a storm and went down leaving him stranded on a small island. After several weeks, he's sitting on the beach when a beautiful woman in a wet suit steps ashore.

She sees him, and asks what happened.

"Am I glad to see you. I have been stranded here for six weeks."

"My God," she says, "you must be thirsty, would you like something to drink?"


So the woman opens up a zipper on her sleeve and pulls out a cold bottle of beer.

CK is dumbfounded as he opens the bottle and drinks away.

She then says, "You must be pretty hungry too?"


Again he watches amazed as she opens the zipper on her other sleeve and this times pull out a prosciutto and provolone hero on crusty Italian bread.

He takes it from her and takes a large bite. He's in heaven.

As he chews away, she says, "Hmmm, if you've been here for six weeks there is probably something else that you've been missing. Do you want to play around?"

With that, she pulls down the zipper on the front of her wet suit.

CK's eyes go wide and he exclaims, "My goodness, don't tell me you've got a set of golf clubs in there too?!"


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In a different version of the story, the math teacher has his fling with his 18 year old student. The next morning as they're getting washed and dressed she tells him:

You were right. 54 CAN go into 18  3 times!

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Hi Gators,

I'm from the Class and Track Team of 1970. I now live in Singapore and I do TV programs for Discovery and CNBC.

My son, Kris, a polite junior from UPenn, will be interning with a company in White Plains.

Does anyone know of a place to rent, share in White Plains near the train station from June 1 to Aug 30?

He does not have a car for this 3 month period which is why he needs to be in downtown White Plains.


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