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Sal Allocco
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Originally Posted by Frank DiSpigno


Actually...I would just as soon stop talking to Richard Sabellico!!!


Now there's a thought, Frank! Best to you and Joanne and give her my congrats on the show's
margaret beggins
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Jesus Frank, have you got an oil painting of yourself in a closet somewhere? You never age!

And Dany Polizzi is still looking hot. Damn Dany is it too late for the crest of the Triboro Bridge?
Tony '71
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While I'm not getting a torrent of found alums these days, I do still hear about the whereabouts of former MC thespians from time to time. Last month I received an e-mail from Eileen Daley Saluga (MC '71) who is married to Ray Saluga's twin brother Rich. She's now on our contact list and will let Ray know about the reunion.

I also received a note today from another sister-in-law of a drama alum, Chris Ashley. Chris is married to David Ashley (MC '69), the brother of Darrold Ashley (MC '71) who appeared in The Lark. Saddly, she reported that Darrold passed away this past July 27. Here is a photo of Darrold taken during the rehearsals of The Lark.

Tony ;71
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Frank DiSpigno is busy preparing for next April’s reunion and I hope to have some program announcements coming up shortly. Jim Davis will soon be meeting with St. John’s to begin making event arrangements. From what I have seen from the preliminary notes, it’s going to be quite an event.

In the meantime, we still have many people from whom we have not heard. Click here to view the list of MC drama participants

Please review the list. Those names in bold are people we have heard from or know of. Everyone else is unknown.

The most popular requests I have been getting are for Ann Mcintosh, Carol Sullivan and Jane Heaney. Ray Saluga was also often requested but we have recently found his sister-in-law. Richard Buckley has been found but is unable to attend. If there are others you are particularly interested in finding, let me know and I will post the names as well.

If we go on the basis of six degrees of separation, we should be able to find everyone.

Tony '71
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Six Degrees of Separation:

The theory that everyone on Earth is separated from anyone else by no more than six degrees of separation, or six friends of friends of friends.
In my last post and mailing, I asked everyone to check to see who they knew that might have contacts to get the word out regarding the reunion. Sal Allocco was good enough to make a few calls and sent me an e-mail in which he indicated that he last heard that Tony Franzese was in Oklahoma City. I mentioned this to my live-in Okie who not only knew his name but car pooled with him. As it turned out my step-daughter had him for high school English as I did. How's that for a coincidence!
A quick check of the school's web site and sure enough his e-mail was there and I sent him a note to which he responded.
Tony appeared in "The Lark" and was involved with MC's Experimental Theatre program in the early 70s. Of the other Experimental Theatre faculty, he mentioned that Jack Penha is now teaching in Indonesia while John Azrak is still in NYC. Saddly though, he did report that Tom Intondi has since passed away.



Tony '71
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And here is a photo of Tom Intondi from 1970:

I got a note from my old pal Eddy who reminded me that we once went to a party at Tom's house where we first heard Sgt. Peppers.
We last saw Tom on Christmas Day 1976. We had both spent the day with our respective families and needed a break. We picked up a Village Voice and checked out what was happenning downtown and saw a listing for Tom Rush at Folk City with Fran Intondi as his opening act. We hopped into my VW beetle and headed for Bleeker Street.
Folk City was completely empty and Tom Rush had cancelled but Fran was there with her guitar as was her sister Mary Alfieri, Susan Ahrens (MC's Wicked Witch of The West), and Tom. We had the club to ourselves and had a great time reminiscing. Tom gave us each a copy of his record album.
Later in the evening, three women walked in draped in tinsel, garland and ornaments. They walked onto the stage and did a set of acapella Christmas Carols with harmonies that knocked our socks off. As quickly as they arrived they left. It was many years later that I realized that those three women were The Roches (if you don't have their Christmas CD, get it).
We said our "goodbyes" and headed out. It had started to snow and we headed back to Astoria through an empty Manhattan.
To this day, it's one of my fondest Christmas memories.



Tony '71
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Humberto "Tico" Delgado (MC Class of 1980) has checked in. He played Jesus in the 1980 MC production of Godspell directed by Jack McGuiness. Hopefully he will be getting us a program and some additional photos. We are still looking for other drama and orchestra alums so please let everyone know about the planned reunion.

Frank DiSpigno will soon be passing on some exciting news regarding special guests we expect to have at the grand event. Stay tuned!


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"She knows!!!"
(Annie Sullivan to the Kellers
about Helen in "The Miracle
And Donna Farrell, MC'65, our own Annie Sullivan now
knows about the April 16th, 2005 Drama reunion & she's
---Frank, Tony & Sammy
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Oops!!!  Donna Farrell is MC'66!!
Jim "Sammy" Davis,67

Tony '71
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In honor of Phil Prainito's -- bottom right -- recent arrival to the message board, here is a photo of Phil and the '76 crew. (Then again, maybe it's a cast photo of the extras from "Saturday Night Fever")

Tony '71
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Merry Christmas Everyone!


Donna Farrell Snyder
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Happy New Year!!  Really looking forward to 4/16.  Have come across alot of memorabilia from "The Miracle Worker", even have some of the props (did I hoard them??? Sorry "Sammy"!!!!).  Some stuff too large to scan but will bring with me so you can do your magic, Tony.  Do have a good number of pics.  Gene gave me one of his photo books at the end of the show.  Those I'll try to scan for you.  "Bold" my name in, 'cause I'll be there in April.  I see Denis Butler's name bolded -- what's with Brian??!!  Anyone hear anything from Pat Dugan, Lorraine Cammenzuli, Anna Francipane, or Chris Dorsey ("Mr. Lights and Gels"!)??  Thanks to you, Frank, Tony, and "Sammy" for circling the wagons on this one.  It will be a night to remember!  Talk soon.  D.

Tony '71
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You have now been emboldened.
Good to see that enthusiasm is building for the reunion. It really is not that far off now.

It's been almost two years since the reunion was announced and there are still people out there who are only just hearing about it or don't know about it at all.

Please continue to pass the word. Hopefully we will get a nice bump in activity once the MC Alumni Newletter comes out with the reservation forms.

Have a wonderful New Year and see you all in April.


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From Frank DiSpigno's Finlay Chronology:

Finlay's first. Two things I can tell you about my memory of this production were a) They hung fresnels from the tops of the set walls. I was only a dumb M.C. sophmore at the time - but I knew that couldn't be right. The other memory was b) this show was my first, for real, high school date!


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He's your M.C. Emcee!!

Frank DiSpigno (The Teahouse Of The August Moon, Oliver, The Music Man) will host the MATER CHRISTI DRAMA CLUB 40TH ANNIVERSARY AWARD CEREMONY to be held live onstage at Mater Christi Auditorium on Saturday, April 16, 2005.

April 16, 2005

The award ceremony plans to honor Brother Benedict Norton, Sister Mary Corde, Sister Sheila Browne, Actor/Director Sal Allocco, and a special commemorative award honoring the memory of Brother Eugene Finlay.
 On April 16, come and see your friends and say thank you to some special people.

Click here to view more information.

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