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Pete Tesoriere
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Hey, Sammy

"Any message board that would have me as a member, I wouldn't want to join!"

Pete T.
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Hi Pete,

It was said that Groucho Marx was a avid reader. One of
his favorite quotes is:

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend; inside
of a dog, it's too dark to read."

Woof, Woof,

Jim "Sammy" Davis,67
steve dolan
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Since we are now allowed to use this site for advertising I ask all to please support my latest hit production. Written by, produced, directed and starring myself is "Searching For Three Ladies". This production is being held at Harry's Mystery Dinner Playhouse in Astoria, N.Y.
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Hi Steve,

Edward Albee beat you to it years ago when he wrote
"Three Tall Women."


Jim "Sammy" Davis,67
Tony '71
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Geez, I go away for four days to see OU whupp Texas and engage in high level discussions with Web Guy and come back to find blatant self promotion on the message board.

Keep it up! Good to see the activity.

Tony '71
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Here's one I just learned today.

This MC theatre related alum is a survivor of the Andrea Dorea collision in July 1956. Can you name him?

Collision Rendering.gif (5727 bytes)

Tony '71
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This one was much to obscure to expect anyone to know but a great story. The person who survived both MC and the sinking of the Andrea Doria is Anthony Grillo, class of 71 and master sound engineer for MC productions.

Grillo family arrive.jpg (32335 bytes)

Herald Tribune photo by James Kavallines: Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Grillo of 1106 Ave. X, Brooklyn. Mr. Grillo is holding his son, Anthony, three. They told of their harrowing experience on the Andrea Doria

mother and son
Anthony and his mom, July 1996

You can view Anthony's web site at

So now you have a better Andrea Doria reference than that it was refered to in an episode of Seinfeld
Tony '71
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With the new trove of drama photos, we now have several photos from The Music Man.. Here's a great cast shot. How many can you name?

Margaret Dugnani DeSimone
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Missing a few but..but I can recognize: Frances Alfieri, Virginia Digilio, Ray Diaz, Roxanne Reposky, Kitty McLoughlin, Ray D'Ottavio, Rosary Immordino, Richard Buckly, Margaret Beggins, Pete Tessoriere, Lucille Mascia, Hernan Gonzalez. Someone should be able to get the rest!
Tony '71
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Way to go Margaret! You pretty much named all the ones I knew but isn't that you peeking out behind Rich?

Bruce Lipkin '67
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Greetings from Operation Iraqi Freedom (nice to be able to get a clean internet connection). My memory isn't what is used to be (actually, it never was!), however, isn't that Ann Marie Byrne and Pete Mentrie in there? Pete Tesoriere is NOT in that picture (why would the townspeople socialize with Charlie Cowell??).

I'm sure I'll post again when I get back (maybe sooner). Until then, everyone have a nice Hallowe'en!
Pete Tesoriere
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OK, how's this for a 35-year recollection:

On the far left, the first lady is Frances Alfieri.
Next to her, the red-head is Ginger Digilio.
The girl with the pig-tails, face is upstage-Roxanne Reposkey.
The tall lady next to Roxanne has to be Kitty McLaughlin.
The blonde lady behind the actress id'd as Kitty is Millie Scanlon.
Next to Millie is Anne Marie Byrne.
In the foreground, next to Kitty, is Ray D'Ottavio (was this the performance where he took over the Mayor Shinn role, in mid-show I might add, for the ailing Bruce Lipkin?)
Next to Ray is Rosary Immordino.
At the far right is Lucille Mascia.
Upstage of Lucille, the fellow in the straw hat is Dany Polizzi.
Further to center stage, the guy in the cap is Pete Mentrie.
I think Hernan Gonzalez is also in the foreground, but I can't be sure.

Pete T.
Steve Dolan
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A litle note concerning Delfina and the 93 Oliver Reunion. While searching for her I called her family and a woman advised Delfina had died. "Delfina has been dead for several years now". As I found people I was passing the word of Delfina's premature passing. Someone heard what I was doing and reached out to her. One night my phone rings and the voice on the other end advises very emphaticly " Stephen this is Delfina Manice and I am not dead, why are you teling people I am." It seems Delina had been named for her Aunt Delfina who had passed on and the woman who I had spoken to had gotten them confused. So Delfina came to the 93 Reunion and had a very "lively" time as I recall.
Tony '71
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Old techies never die they just get relit.
These two members of MC's stage crew met while working on The Music Man in 1969. Can you identify them in this recent photo?
Pete Tesoriere
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Eddie Aloise and Tony Leto.

Hi, guys!

Pete T.
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